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Simple and convenient

Provide easy access into secure locations with the Arke smartphone app; tap a contact to send them a temporary access PIN.

Secure at the core

Visitor PINs are entered into the access control system, logging their use. Unused PINs are regularly cleared, keeping security tight.

ID scanning screenshot

Know who's visiting

Staff can scan visitor ID documents directly via the Arke app. Scanned documents are viewed by administrators in the web-portal.

Privacy aware

You determine how long visitor information data is kept in Arke, letting you work within data protection acs like POPI and GDPR.

Add information

Delivery messages can be customized, so you can include parking information or other instructions for the visitor.

Fully integrated

Arke works with:
Paxton - Net2 Access Control
Brivo - OnAir (coming soon)

Managing hundreds of thousands visitors a month

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